Heart Failure Treatment Turkey 

    The heart is made up of many tissues. Each of these tissues has duties and responsibilities. For example, some tissues generate electrical impulses that make the heart beat. Some tissues carry these electrical impulses to the target areas. The tissues in the area receiving the electrical impulses contract and pump blood throughout the body. Thus, oxygen and nutrients in the blood are carried to the cells. The duty of the heart does not end here. After the blood gives oxygen and nutrients to the cells; It takes the wastes and carbon dioxide from the cells. Then it continues to circulate. The cleaning of the blood, which we know as dirty blood, also takes place thanks to the heart.

    If the tissues that make up the heart cannot fulfill their duties for some reason, our cells cannot be nourished and oxygenated. Therefore, they cannot produce the energy we need to survive. Some situations may prevent the heart from performing this task or may reduce the working efficiency of the heart. Because of these conditions, the heart cannot meet the body’s needs as it should. This ultimately leads to what we refer to as heart failure. Heart failure can be seen due to many diseases. It is quite dangerous for both the heart itself and the body. In our article, we will talk about heart failure disease and how this disease is treated.

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    Heart Failure

    Heart failure; is the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. If this condition is not treated on time, it can progress and become much more dangerous. For example, one of the most important causes of the disease we know as heart enlargement is heart failure. Heart muscles that cannot meet the needs of the body, and that are constantly working harder because they cannot meet; They grow abnormally after a while. This is also known as heart enlargement.

    Heart failure affects not only the heart but also other tissues and organs. Tissues and organs begin to be damaged when they are not properly nourished by the heart. These tissue damages can be seen as very serious diseases.

    What Causes Heart Failure? – What are the reasons of Heart Failure?

    The most common causes of heart failure are:

    • Diseases related to the coronary vessels that feed the heart.
    • Heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias).
    • Having had a heart attack.
    • Congenital heart diseases.
    • Heart valve diseases.
    • Hypertension.
    • Diabetes (diabetes).
    • Thyroid diseases.
    • Overweight, obesity.
    • Use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
    • Heart muscle diseases (cardiomyopathy).
    • Inflammations of the heart muscle (myocarditis).
    • Side effects due to drug use.

    Most of the conditions that occur during these diseases cause direct damage to the heart tissues. The work of the damaged tissues will naturally be disrupted, their efficiency will decrease, which will eventually lead to heart failure. Therefore, as we always remind, cardiovascular diseases should never be taken lightly. Even certain types of rhythm disorders, which are considered harmless by some people, can lead to heart failure over time if they are not treated or controlled.